6 Ways to Remove Facial Hair for Women

While facial hair on women can be embarrassing it is completely normal. So when, not if you wake up with a stray chin hair or two don’t panic, you are not turning into wolverine!

It may feel like you are the only person with excess hair and other women don’t have to face this curse but actually they may have just perfected their hair removal techniques. As this is not often talked about we will share the best methods with you.

Ways to Remove Facial Hair for Women


One of the quickest and painful methods. Hot or cold wax is applied to the area and removed with a strip of cotton. This removes the complete hair and can last up to 8 weeks.

Natural wax

If you are a DIY kind of girl, then you can make your own wax at home using simple ingredients such as sugar, Honey and lemon. This will save you time and money especially if your hair grows very quickly.


A facemask is an essential part of the beauty routine but did you know that some ingredients can actually remove or reduce hair. As stated above, sugar and honey can be heated to make a wax. But when used cold, they can also remove hairs. Scrubs with turmeric and gram flour will not only exfoliate and leave the skin with a healthy glow but the action of removal can often take the finer hairs with it. This will not take of your eyebrows but can leave the skin with less peach fuzz than when your started.

Depilatory cream

A quick and painless method is to use a cream that essentially melts the hairs. They are available in many local stores for very cheap. The only down sides are the smell and some people are very sensitive to the ingredients. Always test a small patch first on a hidden area to check for suitability.

Home laser

This is our method of choice, the machine will cost more that the other methods but has a better rate of return. It can be used on the whole body and facial hair below the cheekbone line. The hair is often permanently destroyed after only a few sessions. This means you can tackle the common but embarrassing issue of female facial hair once and for all.

For home laser make sure the machine is FDA cleared


If you find you only have the odd stray hair or two, then tweezers may be a sufficient method of removal. However it always seems to be the case that once you start plucking, more hairs will appear.

We hope those ways to remove women facial hair will help you!
Date last edited: July 2018