FAQ Tria Laser Hair Removal 4X

Tria Laser 4X is the first at-home laser system on the market. Design to brings you permanent result in the comfort of your home, for a fraction of a clinic price. It has been on the market for quite some time. Due to its nature of uses, reading it’s manual and following instruction is a must to avoid unnecessary injuries and to achieve the best result for permanent hair removal

Q: How much the Tria laser cost?
A: As for 7/24/2018 best price $349 with free shipping, available on the tria beauty website.

Q: Where to buy the Tria laser?
A: The current cheapest place to buy the device is on TriaBeauty.com website

Q: Does Tria hurt?
A: Yes, it might hurt

Q: Who can use the Tria?
A:  Women and men with white to light brown skin tone & light brown to black hair color. However, men can not use the device on face, jaw or neck

Q: Does the Tria FDA-Cleared
A: Yes, Tria is FDA Cleared

Q: Can you use Tria laser on your face
A: Women can use Tria for facial hair below the cheek line. Men can’t use on face, jaw or neck

Q: Does it have Skin Sensor?
A: Yes

Q: What body parts can Tria laser be used on
A: Legs; Arms; Bikini Line; Underarms; Feet; Hands; Chest; Back; Stomach; Women’s Facial Hair (cheek line downward)

Q: How long for seeing results?
A: Results may depend on hair thickest, hair colors and skin tone. For best result treat the desired area every two weeks for up to 3 months or until you are satisfied

Q: Tria Vs Iluminage Touch Vs Silk’n Flash and Go Vs LumaRx Vs Philips Lumea Comparison:

 Tria Laser 4XIluminage TouchSilk'n Flash and Go JewelLumaRx Philips Lumea
2018 version
Philips Lumea Comfort
What we like- Oldest product on the market
- The only home laser hair removal
- New technology
- For use on ALL skin tones & hair
- Compact
- Low cost
- Fair price for IPL hair removal
- Effective for most skin & hair colors
- Alternative to Tria in it's price range
- Have a feature to advise the best setting for your skin tone
- Attachments for each body area
- Compact
- Low cost
- 180 day trial
- 200K Flashes
- 2 years global warranty
TechnologyLaserIntense Pulsed Light (IPL)
and Radio Frequency (RF)
(HPL) Home Pulse LightIPLIPLIPL
Treats AreaFace & Body
below the cheek bone line
Face & Body
below the cheek bone line
Face & Body
below the cheek bone line
Face & Body
below the cheek bone line
Face & Body
below the cheek bone line
Skin ToneWhite to light brown.
Not suitable for dark skin
AnySee imageWhite to medium.
Not suitable for dark skin
See imageSee image
Hair ColorWorks only on light brown to dark hair colors
Does not work on blonde, gray or red
AnySee imageWorks best on darker hair colorsSee imageSee image
% of 4 and 5 stars reviews60%66%Pending
(New Product)
Price$349 (updated July 2018)$445 (updated July 2018)$229 (updated July 2018)$449 (updated July 2018)$688.69 (updated July 2018)$322.12 (updated July 2018)
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