Questions & Answers: Home Hair Removal

General Q&A

Which is the best permanent home hair removal machine for personal use?
Home hair removal systems are being for quite some time, however, in the recent years’ much improvement has been made in the quality of the products to provide better treatments, more comfortable & quicker.
For those reasons, we recommend Silk’n Flash&Go Infinity which is Silk’n(A well-known market brand) latest system.

Silk’n Flash&Go Infinity uses HPL which is Silk’n own IPL patent. IPL can match better to the user’s specifics condition. Such skin tone and hair color, thickness, and density. Due to its ability to operate on different wavelengths. Because of this removing hair with IPL systems, it is possible to treat various body parts with different conditions. That also means with a variety of skin tone and hair color people can see results using the Silk’n Flash&Go Infinity, compare to the Tria Laser which only white skin tone & brown/dark hair color people can use.
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How effective is hair removal at home?
Statistically, we found out that 3 out of 5 users saw effective results from using a home device. As much as satisfaction and long-lasting hair reduction.
Results and effectiveness may long vary from person to person due to skin color and skin tone. Most devices work best on light brown to dark hair tones. Light hair tones take more treatments or see no results at all.
Some devices such as the Tria Laser can’t be used on dark skin color and on light hair tone (blonde, white, gray, red) The only device that works on all skins colors and hairs tones is the Iluminage Touch. We recommend you visit our comparison page to find the device that is right for you.
While effectiveness is not all promise, the big saving in clinic treatments and ability to send the product back for a refund during the money-back period we think that it might be a safe bet.
Bear in mind that home hair removal uses the same technology use in clinics treatments at the comfort of your home, so it is possible that clinic treatments won’t be effective as well if home devices fail to do so. Following the manual instructions and warning is a must for all users!

Why should I choose home hair removal machine?
A)Saving! you can treat your full body & face for a fraction of what you will pay for one area treatment at salon-laser hair removal
B)The technology of home devices improved over the years. Devices are safer and effective. Make sure your choosing product is FDA Cleared & that you follow the manufacture instruction.

Treatments Q&A

Can you use home hair removal on the face?
Women can use the following systems to remove facial hair below the cheekbones: Tria Laser, Silk’n Flash&Go Compact, Flash&Go Jewel, Silk’n Flash&Go Infinity, Iluminage Touch & Remington iLIGHT Ultra Face & Body Hair Removal System. They might be exceptions due to skin condition / other. Make sure you read the device manual carefully.
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Can you use a home machine on your bikini area?
In general, you can use a home hair removal machine on bikini line but not on your private area. However, as stated above exceptions may apply.

Does it easy to use hair removal at home
It requires some preparation, in general, the skin should be shaved, dry and clean. No waxing epilate or pluck hair before treatments. A session can take between 20-30 mins, depend on the area of the treat. Read the product manual of your choice before use, for specific instructions.

Can I wax epilate or pluck hair in between treatments?
No, you should avoid any plucking method in between treatments. It is recommended that you shaved as close as possible to your first or next treatment. Using hair removal cream is also an option

I Have a light hair tone: blonde/white/gray or red can I use at-home hair removal device and see result?
The answer is YES, however,
You should check at the product page if the device can be used on your skin tone and hair color because not all products are suited to all skin tone & hair color.
The Silk’n Flash&Go Infinity an IPL device can work on all hair tones & colors besides gray hair on dark skin. (see image)
IPL hair removal systems usually support many types of hair colors.

With that say, you should know that It may require more treatments to see the result. As of in general light hair colors: blonde, white, gray and red, does not respond well to treatments as darker colors.

Buyers Q&A

Cheap hair removal at home?
The cheapest machine we have survey is the “Remington iLIGHT Pro Hair Removal System” which price range around the $200. Check out the current price by Clicking Here! From time to time for our visitor’s benefits when there’s a sale, we post it on our Deal Page.
For more affordable option visit our page: Cheap FDA cleared at-home hair removal products $250 or less

What is “FDA Cleared” for home hair removal mean?
When a company stated that a device/system is FDA Cleared – It means that the company file “510(k) Premarket Notification”. 510(k) essentially means that the company demonstrates the product for safety and effectiveness. Read More About 510(k) on FDA Website.

What about “FDA Approved”?
“FDA Approved” is for a different type of products. home hair removal devices are categories as Class II by the FDA and therefore the right path for the product is at in the end to be “cleared”. To learn more click here

Before and After results
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