Laser Hair Removal: Salon vs at-Home

Laser hair removal is the method of choice for many women as it takes the hassle out of having to shave or wax regularly. After a few courses of treatment not only will you be hair free but the amount of hair you produce will be permanently reduced.

It works by using laser energy to target the hair follicles which will then be destroyed. As you are only born with a set amount, once you start this process the hair should not grow back. It can only target hairs which are actively growing and that is why you will have to have a course of treatments as each hair will be in a different stage of the growth cycle at any one time. The hair that has been treated will shed from the skin after a matter of days and even after the first treatment you will notice a large reduction in the amount of hair.

The techniques have improved dramatically over the last decade and it is now available to all skin types and shades. You can also purchase the machines for home use, but is it actually worth it?

At the salon the price will vary depending on the area being covered and the amount of treatments. For the purpose of comparison let us consider the cost of a full leg treatment.

Most places will suggest a course of at least 8 sessions but will offer packages or finance options.

The average price for a full leg single treatment at a mid range salon will cost around $250 – $550 and a package of 8 sessions is $2200 – $3500 depending on the discount available.

If you decided to have a full body treatment, the cost would be equivalent to a down payment on a house or a brand new car. For the average person this goes way beyond a luxury treatment and is not financially viable.

For the price of a single treatment or less, you can purchase a home laser machine.

Our website is a fantastic resource to help you select the correct equipment. You can view our impartial ratings and select the machinery you need based on its suitability to your skin, budget and wants.

There is no need to worry about the dangers and many are FDA Cleared and come will full instructions that are often in video format. It is less painful than waxing and after the first block of treatments you will only have to do sporadic maintenance to keep the one or two stubborn hairs at bay.

Home laser removal makes it accessible and cost effective for everyone. In fact you could even charge your friends and family a small fee to use it as they will all want to, once they see the results. Make sure to check our comparisons to find the best units and become hair free today.