Affordable At-Home Hair Removal

Buying at-home hair removal device does not have to be an expensive purchase. High-cost devices will cost you about $400. You can buy a device for nearly half the price and still get the same technology uses in the high-cost devices.

The main differences between high-cost vs low-cost products are new modeling with extra features, such as quick reloading, design improvements, and advance in treatments, such as the “Pulsing and Gliding methods” a feature available in the Silk’n new model Flash&Go Infinity.

One more cost related difference may be that high-cost systems, sometimes might have more pulses compare to a low-cost product. 150,000 pulses in the Silk’n Flash&Go Compact & 200,000 Silk’n Flash&Go Jewel vs the 400,000 that comes with the Silk’n Flash & Go Infinity, a more expensive system.

In conclusion, if you’re low on a budget but yet want to buy at-home hair removal device you can now buy at an affordable price. A low-cost device can do the job just as good as a high-cost one. Just make sure it is right for you, and read the manual provided by the manufacturer in order to get rid of unwanted hair safely.

List of Affordable FDA Cleared at-Home Hair Removal Devices $250 or Less

 Products NameTypeCostWarrantySkin ToneHair ColorBody PartsWhere to buy?
Silk n Flash Go Compact at-Home Hair RemovalSilk'n Flash&Go CompactIPL$219.002 yearsLight to medium brown skin tonesLight brown to blackBody & Face (below the
Buy on
Silk n Flash&Go Compact Hair RemovalFlash&Go JewelIPL$229.002 yearsLight to medium brown skin tonesLight brown to blackBody & Face (below the
Buy on
COSBEAUTY Perfect Smooth Hair RemovalCOSBEAUTY Perfect SmoothIPL$159.901 yearLight skin tonesBrown to black hairBody & Face (below the
Buy on Amazon
Remington iLIGHT Pro Hair RemovalRemington iLIGHT ProIPL$228.952 yearsLight to light brown skin tonesBrown to black hair colorsBody parts onlyBuy on Amazon

Last Updated: July 2018
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